Some Motivational Ideas (part 1)

  1. Fill your free time with studying the religion.
  2. Always thank Allah so that He increases you in goodness.
  3. Way to overcome jealosy: 1. stop thinking about yourself and see other person’s point of view and feelings 2. or use acknowledge, communicate , resolve.
  4. Relax. Trust Allah because He is always with you and He already knows what will happen and He has written everything down and He is just guiding you to eternal paradise.
  5. Remember how Allah has guided you and made you reach till where you are today.
  6. If people oppose you during dawah, remember, Allah is with you.
  7. This world is not paradise. there will always be problems and situations will not always be as you like.
  8. Love anyone and you can get disappointed but love Allah and you will never be disappointed. And in the end, Insha’Allah He will give you paradise where you will never be disappointed.
  9. Allah can always make ways out of any situation. Never lose hope in Allah.
  10. Show off your patience and struggle to Allah, not to people.
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